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The Work of the Child


Many parents want their children to be independent, confident, lifelong learners, who find a career they can be passionate about while meeting their monetary needs!  How do we go about this?

Dr. Montessori consistently observed the child’s need to be independent and to explore through movement.  By understanding that the work of the child is different than the work of the adult, we can provide opportunities for growth.  This is expressed in Montessori’s insight that the adult works to perfect the environment, but a child works to perfect himself.

One aspect of Montessori education that supports the child is fostering the development of independence, which leads to self-confidence.  Providing opportunities for the child to be susie blog photoindependent, such as caring for their needs or the needs of the environment, allows the child to feel competent.  The child feels they have contributed to the family when they help with dinner, dishes, laundry or raking outside.

Montessori Small Hands catalog provides materials to assist you at home, in order to help your child gain independence and allow them to participate as a member of the family.  Whether it is smaller items for cooking, a snow shovel for the winter or an arts and crafts activity that promotes learning, I am sure you will find something in this catalog for your child.

Please check your family mailbox for this and other items from the school!

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