The work Carolyn Graham began at Montessori Radmoor School blended seamlessly with her studies at Williamston High School and its Math Science Academy.

She says, "It's a great opportunity at Williamston, because right off the bat, it lets you into the higher math and science classes.  It's a smaller class size, so you can grow up and learn with the same people."  Carolyn has been involved with math tutoring and the FIRST Robotics team, a joint venture involving students in area schools, where she "learned engineering skills and technology and teamwork."

At Radmoor, Carolyn recognizes that students had opportunities that others did not necessarily have: "We had the opportunity to be creative, to get involved in what we wanted to.  We were given the time to explore and take advantage of our creativity."

She adds that when she started middle school, "A lot of students weren't engaged.  They weren't interested.  For me, learning was always a self-motivated thing.  I always enjoyed school, thanks to Montessori."

Her favorite memories of Radmoor included:
           *  Playing games that students created like Poog World, with pencil leads as currency;
           *  Sledding on that "little hill that seemed big at the time" and building forts;
           *  writing comics and stories.

Neeshan Mehretu served as Carolyn's teacher in Lower Elementary, and Margie Jensen served in Upper Elementary, with Christine Russell joining in later years.  She also remembers Miss Barbara and Miss Helen, assistants.

Carolyn graduated from Williamston High School this year, and will head to Michigan State University in the fall, enrolled in Lyman Briggs College to study math and science on her way to potentially a future in Biochemistry.  At WHS, she was a member of Mu Alpha Theta, an honor society for math.

Above, Montessori Radmoor students enjoyed Camp Miniwanca estimated in 2008, in this photo from parent chaperone Kymm Hadlock.  From left, included, Noah Wolfe, Catherine Russell,  Sarah Bonnell-Roberts, and Carolyn Graham

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