Current Parents

Three things all parents can do: Be Informed, Be Involved and Be Invested.

A successful Montessori experience depends on the relationship between each child, teacher and parent.  At Montessori Radmoor  School, parents are encouraged to talk with teachers either face-to-face at parent/teacher conferences or through e-mail.

Be Informed
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences and all classroom meetings.
  • Attend Parent Study Programs, Open Houses, & PGA meetings.
  • Understand the Montessori Method & how it helps children reach their full potential.
Be Involved
  • Volunteer on field trips and at school events.
  • Communicate with Teachers and Classroom Coordinators for support opportunities.
  • Schedule classroom observations throughout the year.
Be Invested
  • Attend our school events
  • Participate in our Fundraising opportunities
  • Collect Box Tops
  • Participate in our "Tree of Life" program.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please click here to schedule your conferences for both new and returning students.  Conference schedules are located under each classroom.

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