Parent Guardian Association

The parents of our school add tremendously to the school and we couldn't function without them! Through their time and effort, much is accomplished.

The purpose of the Montessori Radmoor School Parents' Guardian Association is to foster and celebrate a strong sense of community by offering a wide variety of ways for families to participate in school life in a meaningful way and offer their time and talents to Radmoor.


  • One of the most important functions of the PGA is to collaborate with the Radmoor Board of Trustees, Staff, Administration, and parent volunteers to plan and staff school events and projects.
  •  In addition to community activities, the PGA supports the school's fundraising efforts by hosting and supporting events such as the PGA Coffees, Community Garage Sale, and publishing the Parent Directory.
  •  PGA events are held throughout the school year and give parents an informal opportunity to come together in the Radmoor spirit and learn more about how to be involved in our community.

There are numerous ways to participate in the PGA.  All volunteer opportunities are listed in the website iVolunteer, and there is something for everyone.  Click the link to access iVolunteer
The PGA encourages all families to get involved by contributing time to classroom needs (e.g., cutting yarn for classroom projects, donating a dish for potlucks), staff support (e.g., providing a dish for the week of staff lunches), fundraising (e.g., helping with the annual spring garage sale).

Each classroom has a classroom coordinator to serve as the liaison between the teacher, families, and PGA.  Parents will receive e-mails from their respective classroom coordinators highlighting volunteer opportunities, publicizing upcoming classroom or school events, and planning family gatherings.

Classroom coordinators for 2016-2017 School Year

Toddler 1 classroom - Giselle Claux

Toddler 2 classroom - Irina Jamison

Primary 1 classroom - Tracey Epley

Primary 2 classroom - Sarah Beth Johnson

Primary 3 classroom - Nicole Ruiz

Lower Elementary - Gwynne Kadrofske

Upper Elementary - Autumn Romig

 Sonji Revis - President

My husband, John and I have one daughter, Kendalyn Grace who will be in the primary community in the fall. My professional background includes Directing/Managing programs in the field of Public Health. We have been impressed with the family atmosphere that exists at Radmoor. My interest in serving, stems from my desire to see the mission of this school succeed, and continue to grow and flourish. It is essential that we take the responsibility of preparing our children for their future, seriously. In my opinion, humanities ultimate goal is to leave the world better than the way we found it. My goal is to see that Montessori Radmoor program maintains its commitment to excellence for today and tomorrow. "Service is the rent we pay for living on this earth".

Nicole Ruiz - Vice-President

I have five daughters and I have served on the PGA board since 2007. I love the community at Radmoor and serving as an officer on the PGA helps me to stay connected! Currently my fourth daughter Vivia is in Primary 3. Nicole and her husband Fulu Singo currently reside in Lansing and both continue to be committed to the many benefits of Montessori education.

Angelica Kim - Treasurer

I'm an academic advisor at MSU in the Educational Technology Master's program.  My husband, Matthew, and I have two children. Our daughter, Isla started at Radmoor in 2014 in Primary.  Our son started at Radmoor in 2015 in the Toddler room.  We live in Okemos and we really love that Montessori is fostering the development of the whole child for all of life and not just for academic success.

Rabindra ("Robby") Ratan - Volunteer Coordinator Liaison

I am an Assistant Professor at MSU's department of Media and Information. My wife and I have two sons: Atticus, who has been at Radmoor since 2012 and Thelonius, who started in 2014. I have served as a PGA officer since 2013 where I mainly focus on classroom coordinator coordination, event planning/management, technology issues, and telling corny jokes.

Jeanne Loh –Secretary

Formerly a high school English teacher, I currently teach in the Department of Teacher Education's Children's Literature Program.  Our family was fortunate to discover Radmoor upon moving to Michigan, and we are continually grateful to all the teachers and staff members who support the children.  We hope to make PGA a resource for all new and returning families, so that every parent finds a place in this school community.


Upcoming PGA Events
Please see the PGA events in our Event Calendar - click this link or go to "Current Parents" tab and then select "Event Calendar"